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About Us

A Plus Tuition is the brainchild of our founder Melanie Ferreira Martins who established the tuition centre in 2007, with the primary focus on mathematics and science: the areas in which students encountered the greatest difficulty at all academic levels.

Over the past 13 years, A Plus Tuition has expanded its scope to cover all subjects and offer a broad purview of academic support over all subjects in an innovative and creative manner to assist the learner to overcome their most difficult academic challenges.


With the increased demand for academic support, not only in the above subjects but other academic areas, we began to recruit tutors that could teach all subjects over a variety of grades. Only the top tutors are selected from hundreds of applications. All our tutors are skilled and specialised in the area in which they teach, which leads to a greater focus on areas of difficulty experienced by the learners.

Over the years we have tutored students from grade R to University level. We also have experience in tutoring different curricula, applying to both the various local curricula as well as international curricula.

The key to academic growth is individual attention which our tutors provide.

Our Services

Academic support allows students to clarify any doubt on work done at school, and students are encouraged to approach tutors with problem areas. As a result of constant revision, students develop a better understanding of their work and are thus better prepared for exams, while eliminating the stress of last-minute studying and the anxiety caused by their uncertainty of the work.

We are aware that every child is unique and has different requirements. For this reason, our one-on-one lessons are tailored to suit each individual student. Lessons are conducted in the comfort of your home or at our learning centre.

Group lessons may also be arranged with a maximum of four students per class.

Furthermore, we also cater for today’s changing learning environment. Home schooling and distance education is fast becoming parents’ first choice to educate their children. We offer teaching services that aid students in fully comprehending the relevant syllabus while maintaining a diligent and disciplined work schedule.

We also offer the unique service of remote individualised and group based academic support where the student is offered the feel of an in-house tutor during the times when this is not possible. This allows for further interactive participation by the learner in the comfort of their familiar environment without the mass audience feel.

Our tutors provide tutoring in the following curricula:

CAPS, including IEB
IEB Resources
Cambridge International curriculum
specialising in IGCSE and AS Level
Programmes and Qualifications

Tuition is available for the following subjects*:



Business Studies




Mathematical Literacy

Physical Sciences

Life Sciences

Natural Sciences

* Tuition in any additional subject is available on request

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Furthermore, we also cater for today’s changing learning environment. Home schooling and distance education is fast becoming parents’ first choice to educate their children.

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Our centre is situated at: 2 Mathilda Str. Brackenhurst Alberton

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